What does it take to be a teacher?

If you’re interested in becoming a teacher in Tennessee, it’s important to understand the state’s process for getting a teaching license. In Tennessee, the first teaching license that early-career teachers receive is called the Practitioner License. Not sure how to get started? Read the steps below!

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    Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree / Educator Preparation Program (EPP)

    What’s the first step in becoming a licensed teacher in Tennessee? Obtain the state’s minimum education requirements. Tennessee requires that all applicants hold a bachelor’s degree and complete an educator preparation program or EPP.

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    State Licensing Test(s)

    After you’ve obtained the minimum education requirements, the next step is to complete the required state licensing test(s). Your EPP can help you determine which test(s) are necessary for the grade level and subject matter you want to teach.

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    Getting Your License

    After you’ve completed the first and second steps, you’re ready to get your license. Your EPP can help you submit the application and any additional information to receive your license.

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    Apply for jobs!

    Now that you’re a licensed teacher in Tennessee, it’s time to apply for jobs and begin teaching! Tennessee is in need of dedicated teachers in all subject areas and grade levels across the state. Your EPP can help you determine where to start looking based on your desired location, subject area and grade level.